Wednesday, 7 August 2013

OptimizePress 2 Review - Is This Theme Suitable For Your Marketing Needs?

OptimizePress 2 Review, What Is This Theme All About?

Using a good theme for your business website will help you get better conversions, OptimizePress 2 is without a doubt a theme designed for this very purpose. However every business has it own unique needs and requirements so customization is very crucial. So let's look into the aspects of using this theme as your business theme and some of it's benefits.

Benefit No.1 - You Get The Theme + The Plugin
OptimizePress 2.0 is a remake of it original OptimizePress 1.0 theme, the new OP2 now comes with a plugin which makes it work both as a theme as well as a plugin. Now there are several benefits to this as some site you might not want to use your own theme, now with the plugin, you can use OP2 on almost any site.

Benefit No.2 - Live Editor With Drag and Drop Functionalities For Your Landing Pages.
Just like a widget on wordpress, you can now drag and drop any of the (elements) for OptimizePress 2.0 to the location that you want on the site, this eliminates editing your HTML Codes manually. Just drag and drop, edit, and it is done. Easy and simple, eliminates web design costs.

Benefit No.3 - Customize Backgrounds, Colors, and Fonts Within One Editor
Many short codes are integrated into OptimizePress 2, it makes all your customization very easy with just point and clicks.

Benefit No.4 - Create Sales Pages and Funnel Systems
In order to make sales online, you need to send your traffic to the right pages and having a well setup funnel in the backend. OptimizePress 2.0 is equipped with the nuts and bolts to create your own systems. Again, you can utilize it on the theme as well as using the plugin.

Benefit No.5 - Membership Portals
Create Membership Portals right from your wordpress site. Since OP2 is both a theme and a plugin, you can make use of the Membership Plugin even if you are not using the OP2 theme.

Benefit No.6 - Mobile Devices Ready
This is very critical nowadays as we are now using mobile devices to search for things online, having your website optimized for mobile is a huge plus and most importantly you can run your mobile campaigns strait from OptimizePress 2.0.